happy holidaysSome funny holiday songs – CPA style

As the year winds down, the team here at Bach, James, Mansour & Company actually has a few minutes to pause and catch our collective breaths. Before we head home for the holidays, it has become a tradition to get a little creative with our year-end blog post. After scouring the internet for ideas, this year we decided to have fun with some traditional holiday songs.

Here are four fun holiday tunes rewritten to the “CPA beat.” These were collected, edited, or created in the spirit of fun to lighten up your holidays – no disrespect intended. We hope you have as much fun reading (or singing) these as we did writing them.

Taxes, taxes, taxes (Dreidel song)

Oh taxes, taxes, taxes
On my mind all day
And when it’s April 15
My clients have to pay!

I have some tax deductions
And statements in a pile
It’s time to visit BJM
So taxes I can file!

IRS Jingle Bells

This song was originally written by a fellow CPA Steven Zelin, but I took a few liberties with the words.

Reading through tax code, is our favorite thing to do
Reminded of the old; learning all the new
Regulations here and complications there
What fun it is to figure out a complex questionnaire

IRS, IRS, keeping us employed
Helping clients understand the things they can’t avoid
IRS, IRS, add more to the pile
It’s quite a miracle that anyone can file!

O Come All My Clients (O Come All Ye Faithful)

O come all my clients
Tired and frustrated
O come ye, O come ye
To Bach James Mansour

Bring your tax planner
Receipts and deductions
And don’t forget your W-2’s
And don’t forget your W-2’s
And don’t forget your W-2’s
Or you can’t e-file!

12 Days of Tax Planning (12 Days of Christmas)

On the 12th day of planning, my accountant gave to me:
12 months of statements
11 page planner
10 tax deductions
9 forms for filin’
8 parking vouchers
7 Advil headaches
6 percent GA tax
5 audit flags
4 quarterly estimates
3 page invoice
2 personal exemptions
And a blog post for the ho-li-days!

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Neal Bach, CPA