Pam Griffin

Pam Griffin, Accountant

Pam Griffin has been working with Brandon, Rackley & Dukes as an accountant putting together financial statements, payroll reports  and corporate tax returns for 33 years. She describes herself as detail-oriented in both business and her personal life. “I enjoy the details because if you know the details, you have a better understanding as a whole,” she says. Pam, who loves working with people, translates her attention to detail into helping clients better understand the accounting process.

Prior to joining BRD, Pam worked as a computer programmer in the technology department of Clark Equipment Company. She made the move to an accounting firm because she wanted an opportunity for more growth and diverse work projects. She graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian College with a degree in business management.

Pam and her husband enjoy hunting and spending time in the woods with their four German Wirehair dogs. As an outdoor photography enthusiast, Pam always also has a camera in hand.